Downloading, installing and running GlobalProtect VPN client

Follow the instructions provided for Windows users (read carefully the documentation for Windows). GlobalProtect VPN client’s download location and installer interface for macOS and Windows are much the same.

Command line VPN client based on Openconnect


The solution suggested below might not work on every MacOS X version! Our team cannot support it. It is given here only as a useful reference.


You can use Openconnect in case you cannot install or run GlobalProtect VPN client.

To install Openconnect you may rely on brew or port:

sudo brew update
sudo brew install openconnect


sudo port install openconnect

To run openconnect executable and establish a VPN tunnel to the internal IP infrastructure of Discoverer HPC, follow the prescriptions given in document Linux/Command Line, changing there the name of the interface from discoverer0 to utunX. Try first with utun0:

sudo openconnect --protocol=gp --interface=utun0 --user=username

If the tunnel device utun0 is already taken by other running VPN client, try to establish the tunnel again by incrementing the device’s number (utun1, utun2, utun3, …).


Be sure you replaced username with your actual Discoverer user name.

Getting help

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