Onboarding guide

Applying for account

  1. Eligibility
    • PIs of an approved proposal
    • Other researchers specified in an approved proposal or references by the PI
    • Business applicants need to contact the Discovery HPC support team (see Getting help) to prove their eligibility


Upon approval, the PI will receive a confirmation e-mail sent by a Discoverer HPC staff member, who oversees the on-boarding of the project (it will be sent to the e-mail address of PI specified in the contacts section of the proposal). That e-mail contains specific information regarding the steps of the on-boarding procedure.

  1. Accept the access policy (unconditionally):


Activation of the account

The applicant should respond to the activation e-mail by adding to the response the information requested by a Discoverer HPC staff member in charge of the on-boarding. That information includes: copy of the OpenSSH public key (mandatory), name and version of the SSH client (optional). Once the requested information is received by the Discoverer HPC team, the account will be created and the applicant will receive a confirmation (e-mail message that contains the username, VPN password, and login node host name).

First time logging in

Getting help

See Getting help