Per-project scratch and storage folder (/discofs/projectname)


Each project is assigned its own scratch and storage folder, designed to provide a shared space where all users who contribute to a certain project can create, store, or process files related to the project. That folder helps to keep track of the amount of disk space each project takes up on the storage system of Discoverer. The folder is located at /discofs/projectname, where projectname is your Discoverer HPC project name. Physically, that folder lives on Luster file system, which is able to handle high I/O loads. Your running jobs should be configured to write there their output files.


The amount of disk space allocated for the project scratch and storage folder depends on the class of the project (one of benchmark, development, regular) and the initial negotiation between the applicant and Discoverer. The benchmark and development projects usually receive 50 TB of shared project disk space, while the regular projects can get between 100-200 TB, depending on the project demands and the available resources. The awarded project storage space cannot contain more than 120000000 files and folders.

The utilization of the project disk space on /discofs is estimated as the sum of the size of all files on that file system that belong to the POSIX group created for supporting the project. All users who contribute to a project are designated as members of the project’s POSIX group. However, the group ownership is enforced only for files created under the /discofs/projectname folder. This means that the disk quota established for the project is enforced only for files created under /discofs/projectname.


Carefully study the document Move and copy files between folders to learn about how to properly transfer files from or to the project folder to comply with the proper calculation of the quota in the project folder.

To check the current project disc space utilization on /discofs, execute the following command line on the login node (replace projectname with the actual name of the project):

lfs quota -g projectname /discofs

The document Calculation of the storage space utilization explains how to interpret the numeric information provided by the quota check.


If a file or folder is moved from another location into /discofs/projectname, it will preserve its original group ownership, and therefore its size will not be added to the total disk space size occupied by the project on /discofs/projectname. In case you need to move or copy a file from your user folder into /discofs/projectname and add its size to the project disk space size, you have to change the group ownership of the file. For example:

mv /discofs/username/file1 /discofs/projectname/
chown :projectname /discofs/projectname/file1

Data retention policy

The files stored in /discofs/projectname are retained for 45 days after the project has been deactivated. Afterwards, they undergo a wipe out.


If you experience issues with accessing your per-project scratch folder and the content stored there, contact the Discoverer HPC support team (see Getting help).